Chungo returns to Scuffed Recordings with immaculate new EP, 'LX'

Scuffed Recordings mainstay Chungo has returned to the label with a brand new three-track EP, showcasing his signature sound. Blending elements from UK Funky, Garage, Techno and beyond, the LX EP is going to leave you itching for more.

Title track and opener “LX” marries blissful melodies with strong UKG undertones to create a track equally euphoric and nostalgic — and completely ready for the dancefloor. Cheerful synths contrast starkly against subtle wobbles to channel immaculate grooves from beginning to end. “Foreshadow” comes in heavy with the percussion, despite a mellow start. Dancefloor-focused, fun-filled, and with just the slightest of evil wubs, Chungo’s onto a winner with this one. Brief melodic moments allow for a dip in energy, before sucking us straight back into the wormhole with a bassline you just can’t help but get stuck into. Sprinkle in a few angelic chords and there you have it; a track that’s good for the mind, body and soul.

“Evade” closes things out on a spaced-out tip, with cosmic synths and a bouncy bassline keeping the energy high, but refined. Filled with sounds that are clinging onto the final moments of summer, “Evade” transports us back to the light nights and beach days of the second summer of love.

LX can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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