Chynna “stupkid” is her first posthumous release

In honor of her 26th birthday on Wednesday, a new single “stupkid” has dropped by the late artist, Chynna. It is her first song to be released after her tragic passing earlier this year.

Chynna was an artist, runway model, and DJ out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was well-loved within the hip-hop culture and industry. Her talents and influence gained her immediate affiliation with A$AP Mob after being discovered as a teenager by the late A$AP Yams. She sadly passed away in April 2020 by way of an accidental drug overdose.

Death was somewhat of a theme in much Chynna’s music, including in her latest 2019 album, in case i die first. Now, “stupkid”, produced by Kashaka, is the artist’s first posthumous drop via TWIN. The new song features raw lyrics about a love-interest who she refers to as being a stoop kid. Being a stoop kid is a reference to a fictional character who was lonely and refused to leave his neighborhood stoop from the classic Nickelodeon cartoon, Hey! Arnold. Each lyrics carrys a deep weight of heavy dark meaning but is carried out with masterful finesse. She softly raps a string of fly bars calmy over deep, low 808s. The swelling synth keys and punchy kicks accentuate Chynna’s unique style of rap.

Her death was mourned by many, including major artists like A$AP Rocky, Kehlani, and Vince Staples. Chynna’s work left a major impact on the industry and her work lives on with fans around the world.

Rest in peace, Chynna.

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