Citizen Black proclaims that “Everybody Hates Black Lad”

After releasing two tracks earlier this year, Citizen Black completes the trilogy with an introspective new track “Everyone Hates Black Lad.” The Off Key Collective member has been scarily consilient this year with tracks like “Keep Cool” and “Metal” keeping his name bubbling amongst the best in the country currently. This new track is further proof of that. 

“Everybody Hates Black Lad” is Citizen Black’s dismissal of an ever-growing global monoculture. A series of questions, objective observations and unique perspectives of an individual tormented by a world he can’t escape. Bound by a set of grey yet defined morals, Black Lad tackles alarmism and degeneracy with a relaxed approach raising an eyebrow wryly. The final product is an amalgamation of thought-provoking insights unlikely to be digested in a single sitting. 

The track itself is beautifully composed with amazing wordplay and lyricism on offer. Citizen Blacks pen has always been his biggest asset and he continues to prove why he is one of the most experienced writers in the game. The introspective lyrics and potent flow is proof of a man who is a veteran in the Irish hip-hop community. 

The production is typical of a boom-bap with intense midi strings that shine through the whole song. The drums are extremely dusty and crunchy and add this sense of grit to the track. Citizen flows beautifully over this production and creates a whole new perspective for the listener to dwell on. 

“Everybody Hates Black Lad” is another killer notch on the belt for Citizen Black. 

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