CLAVVS’ shares their graceful and profound electro album ‘O’

NYC’s dynamic duo CLAVVS create catchy indie-pop pieces that are beautifully outside the box. Now they unveil their eclectic 11-track album O. This body of work dives into reflective themes of joy and self-acceptance told through colorful, upbeat offerings. With O they openly share their struggles so others can feel less alone. The twosome encourages listeners to find happiness even in the darkest of times by contrasting their portrayal of hardship with danceable beats.

A standout track from the new album is “Get You Home”. With glossy, electro/alt-pop arrangements and silky, ethereal vocals, the tune pulls you in with alluring, airy vibes. Narrating the progression of relationships, the track illustrates the mystery of meeting as strangers to then becoming lifelong companions.

The ambient project ends with the shimmering title track “O”. The twinkling sounds and breathy yet assertive vocals make the dreamy track a truly luscious listen. Elegantly fusing R&B and pop, it delicately details life’s ongoing, inter-connective makeup.

CLAVVS is comprised of Amber Renee and Graham Marsh. Many recognize Marsh from his acclaimed career as a producer. Together, the two have designed a therapeutic album touching on our ever-changing yet circular paths. Renee reveals, “I went back to the beginning of my story and I wrote songs about some of my hardest moments growing up. I processed a lot of old trauma by making dance songs for my past self.”

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