CloudNone & Direct flex production prowess on “Told U”

Having earned his place as a consistent and dedicated staple in the Monstercat universe, CloudNone has made his return to the imprint with another original production.  His latest, and 15th release of the new decade, “Told U” follows a bevy of fan-favorite collaborations with Columbus, Ohio transplant Direct, including their unique Mojito / Margarita EP from March and brooding single “Further” released in July. 

Taking a nuanced approach to downtempo dance music, ‘Told U” is rife with emotive sensibilities. Featuring manipulated vocals, extensive builds, and a brooding bassline, the single tells a nocturnal story, one often bathed in warm lights peppered across dancefloors worldwide. 

Sharing on the tracks development, CloudNone and Direct “discussed how this song reminds us of our early days discovering electronic music.”  For Direct personally, “it brought back adventures into NYC alone and the freedom and wonder that brought; late-night bus rides to the city from my small town and the feelings of excitement that brought”.  The two “reminisced on night-time car rides with friends and our first teenage freedoms spent exploring the world on our own and the senses of adventure that evoked” Painting a sincere picture for listeners to connect with when listening to “Told U”.

A specific subset or genre they like to call “Future Garage”, the single is comprised of many of the melodic elements of trance, while preserving percussive elements often linked to break-beat style genres. With 15 releases thus far and more to come through the remainder of the year, stay up to date with CloudNone & Direct for news on future collaborations and remixes slated for the remainder of 2020. 

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