CMAT debuts “I Wanna Be A Cowboy, Baby!”

Welcome to the new era of pop, brought to you by CMAT. The Dublin-based, self-styled pop star may only have three singles under her wide-buckled belt, but it’s clear there’s something exciting going on.

Jokes aside, “I Wanna Be A Cowboy, Baby!” is a nuanced melancholic offering. Surface level, razor-sharp wit gives way to riveting potency. The glittery Americana-lite tune is a little Loretta Lynn, if Lynn were a millennial in 2020 and drank Red Bull. 

“It’s mainly about urban isolation,” says CMAT. “About having all of the freedom and resources to do whatever you want but still choosing to do nothing out of deeply-embedded social anxiety and detachment from your own emotions. Sometimes you just turn around and ask yourself, ‘Why is my life crap? I don’t do anything, Why not?’. I never really have an answer to that, but I wish it was different. I want to be a cowboy instead.”

After a frank chat with Charli XCX while living in Manchester, CMAT moved back to Dublin to launch her music career, and it’s only up from here. 

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