Coachella ‘22 Will Seek To Build a More Inclusive Festival

This year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will introduce a variety of thoughtful initiatives and programs focused on creating a more inclusive space that celebrates various identities and communities throughout the festival. As a global leader in the live music industry, the event producers are leading by example to create meaningful and impactful change within the music community and ensure that the 125,000 daily attendees this year are provided a safe experience that embraces the full spectrum of music fans.
This year’s new programs and initiatives are not solely directed to improving the fan experience only. Coachella is also investing in its internal staff by creating a more inclusive work environment. Creating a more supportive work environment that’s appealing to various groups of people is not rocket science; Hire people of color, then listen to them. The group GV BLACK was born organically out of a group of Black employees who, beginning in 2017, launched a forum of conversations around the need to increase Black representation at Goldenvoice and within the music industry as a whole. GV BLACK along with a diverse group of employee allies have been leading challenging conversations and guiding progressive action in our continued efforts to enhance equity and inclusion. Additionally, the collective will influence policy, build short and long-term initiatives, and monitor their on-going implementation to shape measurable, sustainable, and substantial change.
All eyes will be on the Coachella stages this year and the fact that they are stepping up to acknowledge the need to continuously evolve and improve the festival experience for all races, classes, and disabilities is a major step in a positive direction. A few notable programs and initiatives this year include:
The Boutique
The Boutique powered by GV BLACK Coachella x GV BLACK are proud to partner with designers Supervsn Studios, Brownstone, Skid Row Fashion Week, Diana Boardley, Nicholas Mayfield Over Everything and Bricks & Wood in a collaborative merchandising campaign to amplify Black creatives and offer space to share their artwork with fans on-site at the festival. Expanding upon the design collaboration in 2020, this year sees return designers and new artists creating waves in the festival merchandising ecosystem and can be found at the brand new GV BLACK Boutique located in the festival lobby near the main entrance. The space will be creatively directed by Gavin Mathieu of Supervsn Studios and will provide a safe space for pause, self-reflection and artistic inspiration.
More about the GV BLACK Boutique can be found at
[Q+ for short] aims to archive, celebrate, empower, and enhance the inclusive culture at the festival and sprinkle the glitter of pride the Queer+ x BIPOC community through two flagship campaigns: HeadQ+uarters and Q+amp.
On the festival grounds this year, we introduce HeadQ+uarters as a space that embodies self-expression, inclusion and diversity to uplift, empower, and expand the Q+ community. Fans of all identities are invited to take part in photo and testimonial opportunities as well as interactive art projects.
Q+amp is an empowerment camp for Q+ x BIPOC individuals providing selected individuals [Q+ampers] an immersion experience with VIP and behind the scenes access to have opportunities to interact with Q+ and BIPOC leaders of the festivals.
More details about the entire Q+ initiative can be found at
About A+
The mission of Accessible+ is to amplify the intersectionality of BIPOC people with disabilities by providing an opportunity to participate in the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival experience. Harnessing the passion of individuals who are often marginalized, we will create a path of discovery and an invitation to be a part of the larger festival cultures. We aim to create a safe environment and foster community building within the group. In addition, we will create a unique opportunity for our participants to learn about the different careers involved in live music events and paid opportunities to work festivals in the future.
More details about Accesible festivals can be found at
every one 
every one is a community care effort to support mental health and harassment prevention at the festivals. Building a culture of community care at the festival will take every one. Our every one space and team will be available during festival hours, in the venue, to support you. This effort is led by Veline Mojarro, Natalie Bui, Lana Ludovico, and Abry Elmassian from SHIFT Consulting, Dr. Paula Helu-Brown from MSMU, and Lauren Montgomery from Collective Rentals.
This year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will return to Palm Springs, CA on April 15th-17th & 22nd-24th, for more info check out: