Code Walk launch triptych project with ‘Seperate’ EP

Copenhagen-based duo Code Walk have returned to Peder Mannerfelt Produktion with an exciting new project, which unfolds over the coming weeks. The triptych project consists of fifteen tracks — spread over three EPs — which will be released every two weeks. Representing Copenhagen’s underground, Code Walk blend elements of techno, bass and IDM to stir up a wicked concoction.

Opener, “Wrist,” is half a minute of eerie soundscapes and unsettling noise. With futuristic and dystopian elements, it sets the scene for the remainder of the release. “Inside” quickly ramps up the tempo, featuring rampant breaks and somewhat unnerving, indistinguishable vocals as focal points. Occasional floaty synths take the edge off slightly, and keep in line with the other-worldly sounds that “Wrist” emulated.

“Clock” is a track which was clearly made with the dancefloor in mind; it’s full throttle, vivacious, and just a hint evil. Mechanical bleeps and whirrs are integrated over a relentless bassline to make this one a burner, through and through. It serves as a brutal reminder of just how much we miss dark, sweaty rooms and mental tunes.

From one end of the spectrum to the other, Code Walk prove they can do it all with “Short Time Later”. Stripped back and a whole lot more seductive than its predecessors, the energy this track exudes is second to none. Following this, things are brought to a high-intensity close with “Forget”. A thundering bassline takes the lead before unemotional vocals and robotic synths are layered in. Though each track on the EP is completely different from the rest, they are all intrinsically linked via the heavily dystopian sound running throughout; this is accompanied perfectly by Eigil Bakdal Jørgensen’s visual aesthetics for the project. Code Walk describe his work as having “a dark and unpleasant vibe that still has a touch of humour” — if their bodies of work aren’t a match made in heaven, I’m not sure what is. 

Separate can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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