‘Come With Me’ and Anna Reusch as she ushers us deep into the realm of techno

Having recently released a collaborative EP with Torsten Kanzler on 100% Pure last month, German techno icon Anna Reusch continues her sophisticated run of studio form as she releases a formidable three-track package Come With Me. Released via Tronic, the EP marks Reusch’s third outing on the imprint following her Atmosphere EP in March 2019 and Runnin last September.

“I really feel that Come With Me is my best EP to date,” Reusch shares. “All three tracks serve different moods. My sets are just as dynamic, and I think the EP really reflects that.”

“Knocking” aptly opens the EP with a driving, peak-time force—enlightening listeners with its satisfying and momentous build of booming kicks and glitchy samples. Reusch establishes herself in the track and makes her intentions known, weaving dark synth stabs and relentless snares to pernicious effect. It’s a track that teeters between the deafening forces of warehouse techno and experimental electronica, giving way to a sound that’s infectious and enigmatic. Following, eponymous track “Come With Me” switches things up for a more upbeat vibe. Pulsating basslines and complementary vocal drops provide the backbone of the track, constructing an almost otherworldly experience of hollow stabs and groovy progression for a fulfilling effect like no other. Finally, Reusch concludes Come With Me with “Bleed”, diving into the darker, more acidic end of the techno spectrum. A faster, grit-driven endeavour, the producer shows us her versatility in amalgamating sounds, offering a minimalistic approach fuelled by intense drum patterns. Undoubtedly, Come With Me is a beautifully crafted showcase of Reusch’s production capabilities—giving us much to look forward to in years to come.

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