Comedian rapper David Shine drops a pleasant single, “Can’t Change”

New York-based comedian David Shine delivers a new single, “Can’t Change,” from his comedy rap album “Slow’ Ngga Melodies.” With roots in Hip-Hop and comedy, David Shine is breaking the music industry and creating fresh and unique funny music like Lil Dicky and Lil Duval.

Taken from his album Slow’ Ngga Melodies, the comical, layered production and solid vocal quality leave us wanting more of his stylish artistry. His viral hilarious social media content got into the hands of entertainment icon Nick Cannon, leading him to be on MTV’s Wild’ N Out season 14. The visuals for songs like “Where My Studs At?,” “Stud Love,” and “Dad Now” helped him accumulate a significant amount of views and following.

David Shine is unrivaled in portraying himself through different mediums. He is not to be compared to a parody artist. Instead, he mixes comedy with original music, which makes him even more talented and one to watch within a competitive industry. This is perfectly seen through his acclaimed project and introspective single “Can’t Change.”

With an addictive, down-to-earth feel that wraps around you and encourages you to laugh & rock along, from the unique beats to the final notes, the track “Can’t Change” is a brilliant glimpse of the comedy & hip-hop fusion on the entire compilation.

Stream “Can’t Change” on Spotify.

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