“COMEDOWN” is the beginning of a new chapter for Hugo Ronen

There’s a good chance you haven’t heard a voice quite like Hugo Ronen.  The artist formerly known as Sōl has now fully redirected his creative energy toward his new project which also mirrors his move from New York to Los Angeles.  After releasing his Sōl Demos in April, “COMEDOWN” is another step in a new musical direction for the West Coast transplant.  

“COMEDOWN” is a frenzied and funky cut that is steeped in post-punk confidence and blaring, dance-worthy drums.  A lushly arranged track, it’s Ronen’s distinctively boisterous vocal presence that once again drives the song forward.  It’s a song with in-your-face exuberance that is inexplicably welcome and muted enough to keep you pressing replay; a rare quality that brings an energy similar to artists like Tyler the Creator or Rico Nasty.  However, Hugo Ronen is perfectly content with being his own artist, someone that others can look to for inspiration.  

Working toward a forthcoming EP later this year, there’s a clear progression taking place in Ronen’s musical stylings that seems destined to lead toward widespread acclaim.  As he builds upon his already unique and left-of-center sonic brand, the future looks bright for the newly minted LA artist.  

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