Conal Kelly explores social addiction on “Pyromaniac"

Alt-pop Conal Kelly delves into the intricacies of being addicted to socialising on “Pyromaniac,” a track built on fast beats and anthemic sonics that sets alight a vibrant party atmosphere. With smooth vocals and a lush instrumental of synths, the dense yet delicate production drawing us into the narrative of someone addicted to partying and socialising, wrapped up in a trippy, hypnotic soundscape.

Describing the inability to spend any time alone without being drowned in insecurities, the groovy track which “intends to convey the feeling of living on a knife's edge,” allows us to lose ourselves in catchy productions yet grounds us with poetic song writing. Pushing Kelly’s sonic combo of rich vocals and dreamy vibes to new heights, it comes alive framed by an organic creation process that saw him craft it fully within 24 hours.

Rooted in raw talent that sees him weave ethereal melodies from the comfort of his bedroom studio, the multi-instrumentalist has offered up music that feels airy and polished at the same time. Quickly gaining love for his genre-crossing brand of alt-pop, “Pyromaniac,” is a fiery addition to Conal Kelly’s thoughtful yet escapist modern pop music.

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