Connie Diiamond’s “Narcos” is a fiery display of lyrical talent [Video]

Bronx emcee Connie Diiamond recently put out her EP Trap Elliot 2.0 and now she shares the visuals for her song “Narcos.” The title is a slight nod to the infamous Netflix show of the same name and sees Diiamond in her final form as a lyrical beast who eats beats for fun.

“Narcos” is made up of a solemn Spanish guitar riff and a booming 808-heavy trap beat that forms the foundation for Diiamond’s unapologetic face slapping lyrics. She singlehandedly tackle all her opponents with a no-holds-barred approach.  She shows no mercy and lines like “Water whipping in the kitchen/ any beats you hear me on / I’m ripping/ I disappear like a fucking magician/ Then I come back and rap with a vengeance/ Backing them up when they add all they mention” only cement her gritty penmanship.

The accompanying music video is a cinematic journey that focuses on Diiamond’s fiery skillset sans gimmicks and overtly sexy elements. It’s a straight forward showcase of an untouchable rap artist that’s owning the game right now! 

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