Cosimo’s “Angel” dives deep into his fears and dreams

Emerging alternative rock recording artist known as Cosimo has shared his new single “Angel.” Inspired by the nostalgic rock sounds of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Michael Jackson, Cosimo’s brand of alternative sound aims to entertain while giving the listener a glimpse into his persona.

“Angel” at first listen sounds like something out of the early 90s, think MTV’s alternative nation for instance. Cosimo makes use of lo-fi elements in his creation which gives his style the retro vibe while he adds in the contemporary ingredients with his songwriting style and laid back melodic delivery.

“Angel” shows Cosimo’s life journey as he finds his way through love, heartbreak, and misery. The Seattle-raised act offers a little insight into his musical evolution as he shares this bit with us via email, placing the utmost importance in making good art as opposed to clout chasing.”If you’re only making music to fulfill a dream of fame and fortune the quality of your art will be very low,” he says.

Cosimo is currently preparing for his debut yet to be titled EP, arriving independently late 2020. He promises the project will be a potpourri of musical styles that showcases his vocal, sonic, and creative range.

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