Cosmic Boys takes us on a ‘Paranormal’ techno adventure

UMEK‘s label 1605 has released two-track EP Paranormal from French duo Cosmic Boys, who were recently featured on the imprint working in collaboration with UMEK himself.

Eponymous track “Paranormal”, unveils a deafening mix of hammering kick drums and tense pads for an otherworldly affair. Intrinsically laced with hedonistic grooves, the duo lay a foundation for an arpeggio of robust synths and sci-fi effects. Swelling with tension, its high-paced energy gives the track a frenetic momentum that’s undeniably infectious. The second of the cuts, “We Are The Futur” is deeper—offering a more stripped back tonality that builds with euphoria. The palpable tension emanating from the growling vocals is underpinned by the relentless percussive poundings—molding a sinister outlook that blends dark and light textures in an exhilarating journey.

Quickly rising through the ranks of the world’s techno elite, Cosmic Boys have achieved many top 10 selling tracks on Beatport. Cosmic Boys’ previous works have been released via tracks and remixes on labels such as Popof’s FORM, Oscar Aguilera’s HE-ART and Richie Hawtin’s Minus.

Buy Paranormal here.

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