Cosmo Gold reflects on hesitance and comfort on debut album ‘Krong’

LA alt-pop trio Cosmo Gold delivers debut album Krong, transports us to a utopia where hesitance brings comfort. Across 11 addictive and lush tracks, we’re allowed to settle into doubts flipping the oft-repeated mantra of “follow your heart,” instead posing the question of whether our hearts can be wrong.

Opening with soaring instrumentation of “Tuff Stuff,” before switching quickly into a slower production on “Stranger, the album immediately showcases the band’s sonic diversity. “Bandit,” with its focus on catchy beats and husky vocal lines makes way for the layered and intricately distorted title track.

“Wildflowers,” with its atmospheric sampling is balanced by the ethereal quality of “Craiglist Miracle,” and the glitchy, experimental slice “KRNG.FM,” as the album comes closer to the end with the gentle yet foreboding style of “Additional Benefits,” as the groovy, piano-led closer “Sure Things,” highlights sweet vocal lines.

Consisting of Emily Gold, Mike Deluccia,and Stephen Burns, Cosmo Gold has consistently gained attention since their debut single in 2019. With this latest production and its transportive quality, this infectious collection is a stunning encapsulation of human behaviour supported by both vibrance and vulnerability.

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