Country singer Kevin Smiley shares debut music “Paralyzed” [ Music Video]

Emerging Country singer/songwriter Kevin Smiley was raised in a religious home in Okeechobee, FL. As a homeschooled kid, the youngest of 6 kids, he absorbed a mix of spiritual and secular teachings. Still, later he stumbled on ’80s/90s country music, which piqued his curiosity and he started writing music. Armed with guitar and vocal training from church, where his father was the pastor, Kevin is now traversing the unbeaten path as a young black country artist with an exciting story to tell.

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His debut single “Paralyzed” is a solemn and reflective tune that explores depression and addiction from his unique perspective of internalized trauma and a lack of a proper coping mechanism to deal with the effects. Smiley’s dynamic and commanding vocals cut through the brooding guitar licks and warm pads as he shares a heartfelt tale of sadness from the viewpoint of a young Black man trying to find his footing in an unforgiving world.

The accompanied video is directed by Nathan R. Smith and echoes the themes of anguish and alienation as we see Smiley sprawled out in different parts of his home. All alone by his lonesome with no one in sight, viewers get to see the phases he goes through as he comes to terms with his predicament.

“Paralyzed” is released via Rebel Music/gamma.

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