Courtney Paige Nelson struggles with social anxiety in "Self Medicate"

Songwriter Courtney Paige Nelson is known for her unabashedly honest narratives packaged in enthralling dark pop musical stylings. Her latest single “Self Medicate” continues the artist’s journey of crafting raw confessional pop releases that resonate with listeners around the globe.

In “Self Medicate”, Nelson details her battle with social anxiety. Made worse during the pandemic, the songwriter further examines the pressures she feels of always having to be on and charming in social situations due to her career as a singer and performer. Confiding, “It can be debilitating not wanting to peel yourself off the couch with anxiety but knowing you have to, maybe because of a prior commitment that now you don't want to follow through with. This song represents the inner thoughts I have when I go out to parties and social situations, when I really just want to sleep all day because my mental health isn't up to par. I struggle a lot with my mental health but most people don't know that because I'm the happy goofball in public. Yet really inside I'm struggling to function or leave my house.” “Self Medicate” begins with jagged pop-punk guitars that are soon joined by cinematic synths and irresistible dark-tinged EDM beats. The track showcases confident vocals that climb into a contagious and unapologetic chorus, full of tangible energetic rage that is deeply reliable.

San Francisco-born Courtney Paige Nelson began her life in the spotlight as a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. Finding her true inner voice in music and songwriting, the now Los Angeles-based artist has released multiple singles and an EP since 2018. Her music is a brave snapshot of a woman overcoming anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. Inspiring others to be their authentic selves, while having the freedom to express themselves fully, Courtney Paige Nelson is a talented and important new artist on the rise.

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