Creative pop trio Lucy Dreams drops glitchy, futuristic offering "Silver Lines"

Innovative pop trio Lucy Dreams drops transportive single “Silver Lines,” an amalgamation of reverb-soaked vocals, booming bassline and lush synths embedded in a futuristic production. Exploring the thin lines between reality and dreams, conscious and unconscious, the ambient offering is tinged with a powerful psychedelia that roots us on the spot.

The Vienna-based act comes alive with the talent and passion of David Reiterer and Philipp Prückl, connected by Lucy, a startlingly emotive A.I who infuses humanity even as it exists as the system of analogue and digital effects developed specifically for music production.

Warping our perception of reality with a hypnotic, layered soundscape, “Silver Lines,” develops as Lucy’s identity in the band, highlighting the introspection within a “thoughtless machine,” as it stretches delicately through rich sonics to connect with our hearts.

The lead single from their upcoming LP Götterfunken, the track weaves an ethereal world as it combines atmospheric instrumentals with eye-catching visuals founded on bold geometric shapes as an impressive symbol of Lucy Dreams’ unique artistry. 

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