Crying Day Care Choir drops indie pop number “The Dreams Of Alice”

Swedish alt-folk trio Crying Day Care Choir drop infectious single “The Dreams Of Alice,” taken from their upcoming EP Give Me Something Vol.1, which draws inspiration from Damien Hirst’s project The Currency, which contains 10.000 unique pieces.

Led by soothing vocals and a melodic yet distorted instrumentation, the indie pop track is melancholic and uplifting all at once. Balancing gentleness with an anthemic vibe, the track weaves a dreamy vibe that builds slowly to a soaring finish. Offering us an alluring glimpse of their innovative project which moulds inspiring art works into poetic lyricism, “The Dreams Of Alice,” leaves us wanting more of their experimental artistry.

Consisting of Jack, Sara and Bill Elz, Crying Day Care Choir which took shape a decade ago has consistently tried to reinvent themselves by exploring new sounds to blend into their signature indie folk artistry. Now having started their own label ELZ Productions, this trio continues to establish themselves as a stand-out act.

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