Cuban-American Nokki Cabrera is seductive and confident on the music video for "Beso"

Cuban-American musician Nokki Cabrera drops bold visuals for sensual track, "Beso," from her latest EP, Trap Salsa.  The fun, vibrant video that matches up with the smooth, sultry vibes of the track evokes empowerment and self-confidence with its luxurious arrangement that leaves us playing it several times over. 

Opening with Cabrera taking on the role of the "Princess of Trap Salsa" as she gets "beso" —or red lips— tattooed on her inner thigh, the video moves smoothly into daringly sexy yet tasteful choreography highlighted by stylish clothing choices as it works in tandem with salsa-infused pop soundscape.

Tapping into her multi-cultural background with multilingual lyricism and smooth Latin beat, the track reveals nuances of hip-hop that get us all dancing as the visuals directed by Sincere Show and filmed by Brian the DP elevates the sizzling confidence the rising musician imbues.

An artist who is consistently pushing sonic boundaries, Cabrera’s musicality is framed by her ability to add life to sonics with classy moves and vivid imagery. With "Bes," and her EP, Trap Salsa, her career continues on its upward trajectory.

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