Curtis Roach shares bouncy new single “STIMMY” [Video]

Detroit artist Curtis Roach has shared a bouncy new track called “STIMMY”. The multi-talented Roach has recently cultivated a major following on TikTok through his viral release “Bored in the House”, which attracted a collaboration with Tyga last year. Now, he has come through with a vivid new release that provides positive energy through colorful synths and playful rhymes.

The instrumental for “STIMMY” is centred around bubbling synths that provide a buoyant melody, bolstered by crisp drums and pillowy 808s. The song’s production is minimalistic and yet sounds well-rounded, featuring an infectious groove that is difficult to stop replaying. Moreover, Roach comes through with some entertaining verses packed with clever punchlines, as he weaves elastic flows in unforeseen patterns.¬†

The visual for “STIMMY”, directed by Jose Rivera, is equally pleasing, featuring Roach giving an expressive performance as he keeps the energy up throughout. He is theatrical and engaging in the video, making it playful and appealing. The video also contains a healthy dose of humor which makes it even more enjoyable.

Overall, “STIMMY” is a sharp release from Curtis Roach, who comes through with a charismatic performance on the song and visual. He is certainly a skilled performer who never bores the listener, pairing focused songwriting skills with an agile delivery. All in all, this vivid release is one worth re-visiting again and again.

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