Da Odd Couple (Rob Swift & Mista Sinista) & Dr. Butcher drop collaborative project ‘Against All Odds’

One year after releasing their self-titled EP on Fool’s Gold Records, Da Odd Couple’s Mista Sinista and DJ Rob Swift are back with a brand new project, Against All Odds. And this time around, the deejay duo have linked with their mentor, Dr. Butcher, to executive produce the entire project. Connecting with Dr. Butcher brings the DJ duo full circle as the trio goes back decades ago when they were getting their feet wet as emerging DJs.

The 10-track project is heavy with dense lyrical performances, superb turntablism, and hard-hitting beats from start to finish. DJ heads would totally love the deft scratches on “Sinphony” which features legendary DJ’s Kid Capri, DJ Q-Bert, DJ Ace, and Total Eclipse. For those who don’t know, Total Eclipse, Rob Swift, and Mista Sinista are members of the super DJ group X-Ecutioners which I highly recommend anyone to check out. “Paly Me DJ” pays homage to the art of disc jockeying and features solid verses from Ke Turner an interpolation of “99 Balloons” by Kia Jeffries on the chorus. The DMT appears on several tracks where they lend their lyrical prowess ontop of proficient DJ scratches. However, tracks like “Against All Odds” and “Escape From New York”  solidify the theme of the project and we get to hear the duo go straight at it.

Get Against All Odds on all DSPs here.

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