Dafna wants to feel “Sweeter” in newest single

20-year-old singer-songwriter Dafna has dedicated her life to music, literally!  Before kindergarten, she was already training in classical piano, and writing songs by 11 years old. Since then, she’s mastered audio recording and production skills, which helped her release two albums. While working on her electrical and computer engineering major at college, she also found the time to create her persona as a folk/electropop artist. Dafna proves that she can balance anything – school and songs, STEM and the arts, & a beautiful array of different genres of music. She maintains balance and harmony, which shines through in her newest single “Sweeter”, out today!

“Sweeter” is just as sweet-sounding as the title. A bubbly bass leads us into a world of videogame-like keys and soft percussion. The production shares a lounge-vibe similar to that of The Marias. However, Dafna’s vocals give off a distinct sense of coolness, making the whole song seem like a Granny Smith apple – sweet, but with a hint of sour.

Dafna gave a little background about the song, stating, “I struggle a lot with feeling like I have to constantly be perfect, and anytime I wrong anyone or make a mistake I’m really hard on myself and feel like a failure. But I also hate taking myself or my feelings too seriously, so I usually try to hide and ignore any of those negative emotions. I tried to portray this in ‘Sweeter’ by juxtaposing the darker lyrics surrounding my claustrophobia in my own skin with a groovy and vibe-y production that makes me want to bop my head.”

The track comes from a forthcoming EP, which will take the other taste sensations and finding how it relates to our whole lives beyond just ours senses.

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