Dakota channels fun love on carefree new single “So What”

Independent artist Dakota’s latest release, “So What” is a bubbly pop anthem with an infectious melody. The former American Idol contestant teamed up with producer and singer Gareth T. to write the dance-inducing single. 

“So What” has an uplifting playful pop beat highlighted by the singer’s steady vocal range. Dakota’s innocent and airy vocals glide perfectly over the rhythm accompanied by Gareth T.’s boisterous feature. The track begins with a light and sultry verse and gradually builds up to a vibrant climax of high notes and harmonic ad-libs. The addition of Gareth’s powerful verses adds a level of depth and a change of pace for the listener. The track is an easy-going listen spotlighting Dakota’s abilities as a promising artist. 

The pop songstress isn’t an amateur musician. Since she was five years old she has been pursuing music, learning to play several different instruments and achieving a five-octave vocal range. Of the latest track, Dakota shares, “‘So What’ is not caring about the crazy world we live in and focusing all attention on the person you love. In long-distance relationships, people don’t get to see each other that often, so spending as much time with them as possible, even if that means missing your flight, is totally worth it. Taking risks is the fun part of a relationship and makes it even more special.” With its energetic rhythm and flirtatious lyrics, “So What” channels the fun and peppy experience of a long-distance relationship and is sure to be an addition to everyone’s summertime playlists. 

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