Dalby Biehl finds love beneath the "Blanket"

"Blanket" is the latest release from emerging 15-year-old singer Dalby Biehl who caught our attention with her unique genre-bending style. The mid-tempo pop record details the type of love the young singer yearns for and fully pours her heart on wax with evocative songwriting that listeners can relate to. The  Tricky Stewart produced record oozes a rich foundation of lush guitar riffs, cinematic string textures peppered by a crispy drum groove that drives it to a plateau. Despite her young age, Dalby sounds like a veteran with her commanding vocal runs and layered harmonies that linger in the ear long after.

Dalby Biehl is a multi-faceted artist who is also a songwriter, and activist. The Atlanta-based, Newport Beach, California-born artist has been carving her niche in the industry from a tender age and her debut project was independently produced at the age of 12. She adds via email that she doesn't like to be boxed into a particular genre and is always willing to expand her musicality depending on the situation. As a performer, Biehl has also traveled the globe doing shows and making songs and spent a particularly long time in the UK but now back in the ATL, she has since been working on several songs and an upcoming project with legendary producer, Tricky Stewart.

Dalby Biehl is actually the niece of the late anti-Apartheid activist Amy Biehl who was murdered in South Africa in 1993.

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