Damien Styles rips up the syllabus on "Generation Nothing" [Video]

Wichita, Kansas product Damien Styles has Hulk-smashed his way into listeners' eardrums over the past year with powerhouse singles like "American Paranoid Freak" and "Bad Bitch Energy." Styles' latest banger, "Generation Nothing," invokes a similar contrarian vibe, galvanizing his fellow misfits to take pride in defying the status quo—and what better setting for middle-fingered insubordination than high school?

"Generation Nothing" fits in nicely with Styles' catalog of angsty rebellion anthems. His unbridled energy and hybrid rap-punk-alternative sound will hook all types of listeners and compel them to push back against condescending teachers, oppressive supervisors, and merciless meter maids.

A high school dropout himself, Styles' own experiences are certainly at play on "Generation Nothing" both visually and sonically as he expresses contempt for those who unfairly ridicule his generation. Rousing vocals, airy guitars, and glitchy 808s dovetail into an infectious chorus that embodies what Dropout Klub—Styles' band of followers—is all about: being whoever you want to be, and dropping out of whatever is holding you back in life.

A recent addition to the 10K Projects roster, Styles is working on a forthcoming debut project. Keep your antennas up, because this transcendent dropout has plenty left to say.

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