Damien takes us “To The Moon”

Damien is back with a new single, entitled “To The Moon”. This spacey track provides an intriguing mood that keeps the listener hooked.

Damien is a rapper and singer signed to accomplished record label Visionary Music Group. A multi-talented artist, Damien boasts both a strong, lyrical rap flow as well as a smooth singing voice with lots of character. He first broke onto the scene with his 2020 single “Catch Me”, a cathartic, reflective track about mental health and alienation. Since then, he has fostered a dedicated fanbase through a string of relatable, emotive releases.

Damien has now come through with a new single entitled “To The Moon”, a whimsical track about pursuing one’s dreams to the fullest. The instrumental is spacey and psychedelic, featuring reversed guitars and twinkling keys. Ambient percussion drifts underneath, creating a dense soundscape. The track is underscored by driving bass, which keeps the song grounded and glued together. Moreover, Damien delivers some powerful vocals over top, performing with much charisma and confidence.

“To The Moon” is an intriguing release from Damien. It captures a feeling of grandiose anticipation, while also expressing alienation. All in all, it is impressive how he can combine these moods together in a way that is enjoyable and interesting.

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