Dan Croll shares glimpse of album ‘Fools with dreamy track “Talk To You”

Singer-songwriter Dan Croll offers a glimpse of his upcoming fourth album Fools, with dreamy track “Talk To You,” led by hazy and sweet instrumentation with intimate message at its core.

The heartfelt number which delves into the relatable heartache of a romantic breakup is also the loss of a friendship with that person, is rooted in thoughtful lyricism and vibrant musicality.

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Showcasing his ability to strike a balance between vulnerability and upliftment, the track is a perfect encapsulation of the crossroads theme that will be unveiled in the forthcoming album, where he takes us on a personal journey of overcoming hardshipsand finding himself, framed by warmth and wit amidst the ethereal melodies.

With the album all set to widen his sonic influences with touches of country, disco and woozy psychedelics, this latest single is an alluring sneak peek that leaves us wanting more.

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