Danelle Sandoval inspires the bold and brave in “Go”

Since breaking into the music scene in 2015 with her remix of “Tuesday'” with ILoveMakonnen and Drake, pop artist Danelle Sandoval has garnered millions of steams and visible recognition, amassing a loyal fanbase. Now, Danelle shines brightly again with her empowering new single and visuals for “Go.” As a deeply personal and powerful song about living in her own skin with confidence and truth as an Asian-American woman, Danelle creates a beautiful chemistry of extraordinary storytelling and 90s infused R&B to depict an honest picture of the struggles she’s had to face in today’s society and how she’s overcome adversity to become the boldest, truest version of herself.

“Go” begins with profound affirmations that carry bravery, relevance and meaning, thus allowing light to shine in places that were once painful and dark.  Danelle puts emphasis on every word, making it impossible to not connect to what she’s saying. “I will no longer be invisible, I’m not your fantasy, I’m not your fetish” says Danelle as she sets the tone for what’s to come next. The music starts and the song opens up with a richly textured R&B melody combined with sultry neo-soul vocals and delicious strums of the guitar. Her voice glides over the melody, and you feel a pull to understand and connect with what this artist has to say. Danelle confides, “it’s my way of reclaiming my sexual identity and not being anyone’s fantasy except my own. Because of the way I look, I’m assigned a certain role in society: to be submissive, acquiescent, meek, docile. And for a while, I defaulted to being those labels, whether it was in relationships, the workplace, or even the music industry. It took me a lot to realize how much this affected my mental health. As an Asian-American woman, I can be dominant, I can initiate, I can take up space, and that the art I make, the way I dress, and what I do is solely for my own pleasure, not for anyone else’s.” Sensual and determined, Danelle’s vocal delivery is silky-smooth and the track has all the components of a well-crafted R&B hit. Still, beneath the song’s sonics is an emotionally raw and compelling portrait of a life of struggle, adversity, and triumph through newfound purpose.

The accompanying visuals for “Go” follow Danelle just being her authentic self, without any fear of being objectified or sexualized. There is ease and honesty in every shot, from wardrobe to choreography. The color palette is mostly in nude and pink hues, further adding to the stripped-down effect. There is a determined vibe to her delivery, and it feels bold, sassy and free. 

Danelle Sandoval is a Los Angeles based Pilipino artist and singer-songwriter, who achieved great success after her YouTube cover and remix of ‘Tuesday’ by ILoveMakonnen ft. Drake. The song became a hit and went on to receive platinum awards worldwide, reaching the #1 spot in over 70 countries and garnering over a billion streams online. The artist released her debut EP For Love in 2018 and continues to earn recognition through her earnest songwriting and captivating R&B and pop anthems.

Check out Danelle Sandoval’s new single and visuals for “Go” here and get inspired to become the boldest, truest version of yo’ bad self.

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