Dani Martín teams up with Juanes for new dub-porro single “Los Huesos” [Video]

Spanish artist Dani Martín collaborates with Colombian icon Juanes for the golden streaked new single, “Los Huesos.” The Caribbean-pop single that is heavily immersed by the musical stylings of porro, comes at the perfect time when a little love goes a long way. Fluid in its meanings, Martín and Juanes’ performance embraces the current murky waters and offers listeners a little light to navigate life through the novel coronavirus.

What was written almost two years ago at Juanes’ house, and a video that was said to start production in March, resulted in an obvious halt due to the pandemic. Martín expressed a need to share the single though and premiered “Los Huesos” via a video last week. Tackling a new meaning outside of romantic relationships, the two artists each took to their creative musings for a simple, black-and-white home movie.

The stay-at-home visual which was finalized and directed by Miguel Bueno, encourages all to “warm up” your bones. The playful and vivid animated scribbles remove a system based on class and showcases humility deep rooted in our bones, lyrically illustrating how giving someone love can very well make them shine (“Dale cariño pa’ que se encienda su luz”).

Reggae guitar strokes and hollow drum clacks, true to the rhythms of porro and cumbia, make dancing to this track a breeze. Martín and Juanes each contribute a raspy vitality, vocally, which falls from an alternative-rock stage to a lavish pop-hook, or as Martín expresses to be “dub-porro.” With such liveliness, Martín continued to share on social media how bad he can’t wait to see everyone smile and dance when it’s “our time” (“Me muero de ganas de veros sonreír y bailar cuando sea vuestra”) — a future forward optimism that is well appreciated.

As of now, Dani Martín still has concerts scheduled for the remainder of the year, and Juanes will be participating in Global Citizen’s One World: Together At Home, April 18. The live stream broadcast was curated in collaboration with Lady Gaga and will feature an array of musical artists and comedians in support of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the health care workers on the frontlines.

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