Dante LaBelle releases a song we can dance to "Maria"

Dante LaBelle releases new single "Maria" featuring Stamos and Amnda, an incredible track filled with upbeat sounds and smooth voices that brings us closer to love as we dance the night away.

Uniondale, New York artist Dante LaBelle has dropped many R&B tracks that mainly center around love and emotions. One thing is true of all his tracks: they quickly make us want to get up and dance. His previous track, "Ain't My Vibe," was one of these hits. "Maria" is no different, except this time, Dante takes it one step further and creates a unique environment, as the guitar strings in the beginning prepare us for a love song.
As the track keeps going, the sounds brilliantly get more upbeat, perfectly blending two feelings: a deep love and a fun love. The poetic songwriting creates metaphors that touch our hearts. At the same time, his smooth voice allows this delivery to go through in a beautiful way, as the Latin-infused words and sounds create an impeccable track. When Amnda comes on, her voice adds an even sweeter touch to this song as we get both the male and female perspective on love, creating an intriguing feeling. This is one of the best songs to put on whenever you want to dance with your lover. 
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