Dante Palminteri has a confession to make with "Brunettes" [Video]

Alt-rock singer-songwriter and Orange is the New Black actor Dante Palminteri just released his sizzling new single “Brunettes.” The upbeat song is sure to get you amped for the summer season, but at the same time it serves as a deep romantic confession for the artist.

In “Brunettes,” Dante shares his take on chemistry, romance, and love. Sometimes the people we are drawn to don’t always make the best partners, and in Dante’s case, he just wants to let go and enjoy the special moments and the array of emotions surrounding love.  Palminteri confides, "the song describes the type of person I have always been attracted to.  Someone who takes me out of my comfort zone and brings me into their world. It's about being taken on a wild ride with someone and loving every moment of it." Full of charisma and excitement, the song features brutally honest lyrics, big hits, builds, and rock soundscapes that feel huge but not unbalanced or overblown.

The accompanying video for “Brunettes” shows Dante enjoying a good time in Palm Springs, California with a beautiful brunette, as they share their connection in a way that only lovers would only understand. The visuals further aid Dante’s message of letting go and being free to love, laugh and cherish the moments together, even if they are uncertain.

Dante Palminteri is a singer-songwriter and actor residing in NYC. His music is influenced by life experiences that can be easily related to and interpreted by his listeners. In addition to music, Dante is also an accomplished actor best known for his roles in Orange is the New Black and Sharknado 2

Check out "Brunettes" here and remember that life is supposed to be wild. 

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