Darkim Be Allah, Endemic Emerald tap Planet Asia to define the true “God of the Universe”

NYC-based rap duo of Darkim Be Allah and Endemic Emerald have announced their upcoming album, Antediluvian King, with the release of their lead single, “God of the Universe,” featuring West Coast rap veteran Planet Asia.

“God of the Universe” sets the tone for what we should expect from the duo’s project with its dark dusty backdrop made up of bluesy guitar strings, vocal samples, and crunchy drums. The emcees as expected are as sharp as a tack with Darkim Be Allah opening up the track with his lyrically charged approach rife with elements of the Nation of Gods and Earths and street savviness. Darkim is more than comfortable here as he lays back in the cut with his weird vocal drawl kicking bars like “ladies feel bro, steal the show, it’s like magic/streetwise and mathematics, I’m all in this/ pitch black, kick back and crack the Guinness.” With only a tiny gap separating the two, Plane Asia comes through on the second verse to wreck the mic with a solid opening line “My thoughts come in triples with the wisdom be causing ripples/ Dealing with high science but the god taught me to keep it simple” and continues to drop gems till Darkim returns with the chorus at the end.

“God of the Universe” is taken from Darkim Be Allah and Endemic Emerald’s forthcoming collaborative project Antediluvian King. The LP is set to drop on the 6th of November. It’s also available for pre-order via Amazon Music through Endemic’s own label, No Cure Records.


01. The Lockdown

02. BX-QB (feat. Tragedy Khadafi)

03. Gods’ Wrath (feat. Kasim Allah)

04. Doing It

05. Real Black

06. Original Light

07. The black Gene

08. Knowledge & Wisdom

09. You Know the Gravity (feat. Tragedy Khadafi)

10. God of the Universe (feat. Planet Asia)

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