daste share glorious, groove-rich indie-soul anthem “Around”

There’s so much incredible electronic music coming out of Australia at the moment. One of the absolute best daste. return with their infectious new single “Around,” offering a tantalizing taste of their upcoming album set for release in early 2025. Comprised of Callum MacDonald, Braxton Tahi, and Tyler Harden, daste. effortlessly blend indie-pop with smooth R&B and soul influences, crafting a sound reminiscent of LEISURE, Easy Life, or badbadnotgood.

“Around” originated during a productive writing session in August 2023 with their friend Maxwell (Golden Vessel, 1tbsp), who provided the foundational Soul/R&B sample that the song builds upon. The track delves into the emotional turmoil of a recurring situationship, exploring the mix of anticipation and regret that comes with returning to an unsuitable ex. This theme is brilliantly conveyed through Maxwell’s moody production and a catchy vocal melody that lingers in the listener’s mind.

The single reflects the meticulous efforts of the band, with Tyler and Callum crafting heartfelt melodies and lyrics, while James Vincent (Jim Alxndr) added his post-production expertise, enriching the song’s character. This collaboration results in a polished and evocative track that captures the cyclical nature of unresolved relationships.

With “Around,” daste. reaffirms their place in the indie-pop landscape, leaving fans eagerly anticipating more music in the coming months.

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