Daughters of Reykjavik share the fiesty single “Thirsty Hoes” [Video]

Icelandic rap collective Daughters of Reykjavik share the anthemic single “Thirsty Hoes.” Combining 9 incredible talents, the collective each display their own unique artistry whilst assembling on a zoom call. Watch the video below.

Underlined with addictive beats and textured samples, you don’t even need to speak Icelandic to know that these girls are hitting HARD. Giving a number of their male counterparts a run for their money, this is a track that absolutely slaps. Made up of a sex therapist, glacier guide, actresses, gay night club owner, radio host, graphic designer, sound engineers, and more, the collective are using their platform to be brash feminist icons. 

Member Steiney Skúladóttir says: “We’ve planned to do a video at this time, but then Corona happened. We came up with this idea on a group call as a way to make a video whilst staying at home and following the rules. We really like how it shows that Daughters of Reykjavik is made up of 9 individual parts.”

With the track already being a staple in their live shows, “Thirsty Hoes” continues to be a hardcore anthem. “When the song begins, the crowd almost immediately starts jumping,” explains Salka Valsdóttir. “Then gradually a mosh pit starts forming and eventually everybody in the crowd will be chanting “Thirsty Hoes” like crazy. This song just goes off like a ball of energy.”

So what I’m saying is; go play this loud, sing thirsty hoes proudly and then hit repeat. This is a banger.

The group will be performing at Iceland Airwaves in November. Their album Soft Spot will be released on May 29th.

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