Dave Keuning showcases his pensive album, ‘A Mild Case of Everything’

Indie rocker Dave Keuning is best known as The Killers’ founding member and guitarist. Now he has embarked on his solo project, Keuning, creating wisftul music that speaks to our souls. He just released his atmospheric album, A Mild Case of Everything, a 16-track triumph written during lockdown and recorded in his home studio in San Diego. The artist grew up in the 80s and the release has that magnetic synth feel. The album touches on profound themes of connection, hopefulness and reflection. His tunes exude that same warmth and fervor we love from The Killers, making listeners instantly gravitate to his sound.

Commencing with “From Stardust,” the misty tune has an air of nostalgia with shiny synths and twinkling guitars. The track details how we are all linked together through our deep passion and longing. The stunning imagery of diamonds and night skies vividly lit up makes the intoxicating tune a true delight. “Don’t Poke the Bear” is an edgier release with deep vehement vocals and intense jangly guitars. Keuning reveals of the track, “It’s a 9-minute song I wrote in the middle of the night and just kept adding parts to it until 5 in the morning.” The vibrancy of “Shake Well” provides the perfect end to the radiant offering. The piece puts you at ease with its hopeful message. Singing of saying goodbye to all that weighs you down, listeners are drawn to the freeing feeling it possesses.

The Iowa native was looking to form a band and placed an ad in the Las Vegas Weekly. From there The Killers were conceived. In 2019 he debuted his solo album Prismism. A Mild Case of Everything has a similar feel with its retro yet current sonic landscape. Keuning explains, “I wrote and recorded this album throughout 2020, I am really proud of the music, and I think it is my best work, I felt more comfortable as a singer this time and also had a lot of fun with the guitar.”

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