David Berrie reinvigorates our dance music soul with ‘MC Blasta’

As people around the world begin to watch live streams within the safety of their homes, David Berrie continues to weave his house and techno magic through a conventional release in the form of new EP MC Blasta. Quenching our thirst for dance music, the EP offers two insatiable cuts laden with groove and authority, defining house in wholly refined mannerisms. 

Titular track “MC Blasta” opens the EP with an infectious sub-bass motif, delving deep into the groovier spectrum with its bubbling rhythm and tinges of tribal. Berrie delivers on a top-notch performance, showcasing his innate knowledge of fusion with fluid vocal work and flanger effects that blend sinfully into the percussive overtones. It’s unabashed tech-house at its finest, an infectious tapestry of the producer’s finest sonic offerings woven into one robust narrative. In “F Is For Freak”, despotism peaks through, illuminating the darker, dubbed-out side of the EP. Minimal in its progression yet faster in tempo, Berrie encapsulates another effect of groove with aptly spoken word samples; fuelled by swirling synths, tight hats, and pumping bass, “F Is For Freak” undeniably grooves—and captures the essence of his signatures. 

Raised in the nightlife mecca of New York City, David Berrie has been involved in the music scene since his earliest days of finding his way into clubs and parties underage. Rising through the ranks and honing his skills as a DJ since the age of 18, David has spun everything from hip-hop to disco and is now making waves with his signature house and techno sound in iconic rooms from Space Miami to DC10 Ibiza. Drawing from different genres to create his unique sound, David has released essential tracks on distinguished labels such as Hot Creations, Cuttin’ Headz and Play It Say It. 

Download/stream MC Blasta here.


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