De-Capo connects with B Sims and Ashton London for infectious song “Sheets Therapy”

Buffalo-bred producer De-Capo has shared a fresh new single called “Sheets Therapy”, featuring prolific songwriters B Sims and Ashton London. De-Capo is a multi-platinum producer with many years of releases under his belt, including previous work with the likes of T-PainTedashii, and he has worked over a long period of time to cultivate his colorful, bouncy sound. His latest offering, “Sheets Therapy”, is a stylish R&B-infused track that feels lush and sultry, laced with a vibrant, infectious energy.

“Sheets Therapy” contains warm, catchy production consisting of tropical-sounding synths building atop energizing, vital percussion. As an enticing groove builds, the track’s silky, sharply-crafted vocals crescendo into elegant melodies, as they rise dynamically into a catchy, bright hook. Layers of expansive synths to give the beat an atmospheric, dense feel, while giving it a luscious, sleek sheen.

The latest from De-Capo, “Sheets Therapy” provides a catchy, vivid R&B offering and showcases his natural chemistry with vocalists B Sims and Ashton London.

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