Dead Chic drop cinematic and groovy debut single “Too Far Gone”

Musicians Damien Felix and Andy Balcon set to impress listeners as brand new duo Dead Chic with moody debut single “Too Far Gone,” which makes use of rich, jazzy grooves alongside stunning black and white visuals to transport us back in time. Tapping into a bluesy soundscape led by raspy vocals and soulful melodies, the track draws us with its raw, indie-rock stylings.

With cinematic visuals brought alive by a smooth combination of western-leaning, 60s musicality, the duo craft a gritty yet uber polished sound embedded in slow drum beats and intricate guitars for a memorable first outing. Having crossed paths on a European tour, Felix and Balcon’s musical vision have aligned as Dead Chic to bring us a layered production that swerves away from the rigid patterns of modern music making.

Rooted in an old-timey vibe taken to the next level by the hypnotic visuals, “Too Far Gone” beckons several replays as we lose ourselves in what looks to be the first step in Dead Chic’s journey to becoming a successful musical endeavour which strikes a balance between classy instrumentation and sonic experimentation.

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