Dean The Dream delivers soulful and intimate album ‘Hitchin’ It To Heaven’

Rock singer-songwriter Dean The Dream delivers soulful and intimate album Hitchin’ It To Heaven, offering up an intimate and eye-opening exploration of the experiences and stories of those in the queer community. Carried by a heartfelt message of acceptance, the seven-track collection showcases the rising musician’s uniquely delicate approach to rock music.

Moving seamlessly through tales that uplifting and those that aren’t pleasant with the same sensitivity, framed by poetic yet honest song writing and an experimental instrumentation spanning everything from 70s psychedelia to blues, grunge and old school rock’n’ roll.

Lead single “Goodbye Danny,” perfectly captures the layers of diversity and intricacy in his album, as he infuses vulnerability and strength in perfect halves to shed light on taboo topics with a raw and heartfelt approach.

Detroit-born poet Brendan Alpiner transitioned into music in 2016 crafting expressive and emotive music as Dean The Dream, building a sonic world that connects with listeners, allowing them to accept and love themselves.

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