Deanna Devore drops mesmerizing R&B track “Need To Know”

Producer and multi-instrumentalist Deanna Devore has just unveiled the sumptuous new single "Need To Know." Having previously worked alongside great musicians like SG Lewis and Jamie Cullum, she’s now taking her own career by the horns and showing her strengths as a solo artist. Featuring vocals from D.Lylez, the new track talks about all things love, touching on the breaking question of: "Do you feel the same as me?" Despite those feelings potentially eliciting a sense of impatience, everything about this track is on time, not rushed and utterly relaxing in its romantic soundscape.

Gentle synths carve a pathway for the restrained R&B beat, serving as a base for those smooth D.Lylez vocals and complementing the tender atmosphere. There is a wondrous, amorous feel to the aura of the single, with “Need To Know” touching on the feeling of being at a loss of not knowing the others feelings and this mystical song embodies just that. The romantic touch comes through in the classic piano moments with climbing motifs and elongated chords that run alongside those charming synth-key chimes. This single is like a passionate, powerful waterfall cleansing your energy whilst mesmerizing you in its awe and beauty.

It’s a real treat to see more female producers taking the spotlight and balancing out the gender gap in the industry. Devore is leading the way and dropping phenomenal, polished singles that do more than just make you smile. “Need To Know” is detailed and clearly complex in its approach, which ultimately has resulted in quite the tune. 

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