Def Jam’s Camino releases inspiring new single “Home” [Video]

Singer-songwriter Camino delivers powerful vocals and raw emotion on his latest release, “Home.” The accompanying music video depicts a handful of life’s trials and tribulations from multiple different perspectives. The artist is seen belting the chorus in front a dimly lit bay window, showing his passion with every note.

“Home” features an inspirational pop beat with heavy drums. Camino’s vocals are loud and soulful with a deep R&B undertone. Each verse is forceful yet calculated. His sound is reminiscent of Adele’s style, consisting of stretched vowels and warm low notes with a more masculine twist. He sings, “Running from hard times, losing my breath / And I’ve been fighting for a piece of mind, it’s all I got left / I said I wanna go home.” The chorus glides smoothly out of his mouth with an infectious twang. A choir echoes the hook behind the singer, adding to the expressive melody.

Following a recent shoutout and collaboration from Snoop Dogg, Camino has garnered attention from hip-hop and R&B fans alike. The lead single and video from his debut EP, “Burning Fire” has surpassed 2.5 million views on YouTube. With his boisterous harmonies and unique style, the artist is bringing a fresh sound to Def Jam.

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