De’John Linward shares thought-provoking lyricism in new jazzy hip-hop single “Juugable Planets”

Virginia-raised emcee and producer De’John Linward‘s new single “Juugable Planets” gives the listener a somewhat gloomy outlook on his life as a young teen trying to circumvent the obstacles of the ghetto. The record is self-produced with Ouija Marek playing extra chords as we follow Linward through the dark crevices and alleyways where anything and everything can happen.

Over jazzy instrumentation, “Juugable Planets” sees Linward trying to stay focused on his art but the images he sees around him grow continuously more tempting. Lines like “I see the homie with a nine, residing next to his sock, I’m in the crib writing rhymes, he out here shooting his shot…” dance poetically between realities of the art and the harsh street life. It’s a far cry from trying to justify the ills of the world but rather a visceral outlook on Linward’s reality. The thought-provoking lyricism adds weight to the light piano melody as Linward challenges modern law enforcement when he spits “you killed a boy yesterday so I can never trust the cop/ this middle finger to the law, don’t make this trigger finger pop.

“Juugable Planets” is taken from De’John Linward’s upcoming album Melanincholy. Stream “Juugable Planets” on all platforms here

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