Dende drops vulnerable visual for “I Cried”

Houston, Texas’ very own Dende has recently dropped a new visual for his single “I Cried” off of his recent album A Happy Man, a deeply vulnerable project filled with intense lyricism. 

A Happy Man has gotten many people on social media learning who Dende is and also definitely remembering him as his album cover itself stands out, being bright yellow. His new visual “I Cried” is one of the tracks in the album that will undeniably have us going back to his music. This single has beautiful yet painful lyrics that go way past the surface. While watching the music video, we see Dende bring the album cover back to life as he sits on a chair, rapping and singing with balloons in the background. The clever symbolism captures our attention as these objects allude directly to happiness.
The wordplay and lyrics of “I Cried” are top notch, as he is not afraid to spill out his soul, revealing the raw emotion that he holds within, getting closer and closer to being happy. These introspective lyrics are courageous and have our ears glued to the music as his tone gets more aggressive so that he can release the feelings that he holds within. The sounds, including some guitar strings, interestingly create a dark atmosphere while the intense beats mixed with the random roller coaster of Dende hitting some high keys notes while singing is powerful to say the least. Press play if you want to get through the pain and start the healing so you can finally reach happiness. 
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