Detroit songstress Aaria unveils steamy new music video for “Thug Love”

As humans, we’re conditioned to long for those that we’re not supposed to. It’s a tale as old as time, instead of taking the smart, easy route, our heart always sends us on a goose chase that our mind is firmly against. Still, love is love, and who are any of us to judge what form it comes in. Speaking to that exact theme, Detroit songwriter, Aaria delivers her engaging new video for, “Thug Love.”

Directed by Randy Thomas, “Thug Love,” is a simple, yet effective, visual that captures the essence of the record. Featuring a cameo from prominent Atlanta rapper, Trouble, the two seemingly play a couple, as they can be seen hugged up by the car counting money. Co-produced by WhiteNoize and The Answer, the actual song finds Aaria redefining the term of thug love. Putting a romantic spin, she croons relatable lyrics about needing a man that can keep up. Instead of running all over the place, melodically, she does a brilliant job of staying in pocket and allowing the music to guide her. 

Check out the video above and get familiar with Aaria below. 

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