Dev Soter releases intimate new single "Tulsa"

Indie pop artist Dev Soter has made a name for himself relentlessly breaking new ground with his combination of sunny melodies, distinctive visual style,  and uniquely altered vocals. The Massachusetts boundary-pusher is at it again with his latest track “Tulsa” – a mesmerizing and realistic look at the challenges that come with being an up-and-coming artist.

It's been a couple of months since we last got something from Soter, but it's clear he's been perfecting his craft in the meantime. "Tulsa" seems to flawlessly bring all of his talents into one single. The electric guitars and bouncing percussion reels listeners in from the very start and he keeps them there with his intoxicating vocals throughout the song.

Overtop of this bared-down instrumental, Soter is able to give listeners an intimate look into the traps of fame and the pitfalls that come with being a rising musician. In the accompanying music video, greedy managers and record labels sporadically appear above his head representing the traps money can play in ruining musician's careers. With honest lyrics and bright guitar plucks, Dev has created a deeply personal and impressive single.

Dev Soter goes against the grain of a traditional pop song with "Tusla" creating a music video and single uniquely his own. Definitely stay tuned to his music as he's bound to be realizing new music in the near future.

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