DEVORA is ready for a "Fist Fight" in riveting new visuals

There’s a new outlaw in town, and she’s riding into the music scene loud like thunder and as fierce as can be. DEVORA is her name and she has grit, swagger, and a knack for vivid storytelling that will send your imagination on a wild journey into the deepest, darkest parts of the American Wild West – in the year 2021 that is.

“Outlaw Pop” artist DEVORA is here to challenge the status quo with her punchy rock-dipped dark pop that hits you in the juggler, commanding you to stand up for yourself and for what you believe in. According to the press release, DEVORA wrote this song and found it as an awakening, a call to action for herself and others to be fearless in expressing themselves authentically. Her new visuals for “Fist Fight” is off of her latest EP Outlaw and features a bevy of metaphors, including a scene where she intensely cuts a steak, which could symbolise cutting the “excess fat” out of her life while the blood drenched boxing glove alludes to her deep anger and red rot revenge towards her bullies. She confides, “while writing this song It felt much like a rallying of the oppressed— like the French Revolution meets the hallways of high school. We’re not gonna back down, we’re not gonna be quiet and silenced… we’re gonna start a riot and it’s gonna be LOUD.”

DEVORA has made a name for herself with her unapologetic robust sound that fuses rock’n’roll, goth pop and even a dash of Americana. What further makes her an engaging artist, is her ability to create cinematic visuals with a signature look and an imaginative story. The listener is whisked into her world – a world of danger, glamor, rebellion with hints of nostalgia. Come along for a one-of-a-kind adventure and find her on tour now. 

Upcoming tour dates: 

Mercury Lounge, NYC, NY- 9/8 – opening for The Clockworks Ticket Link 

Madame Siam, Los Angeles, CA – 9/16 -Handcrafted themed cocktails, more surprises to come.

Soda Bar San Diego, CA – 9/22 -opening for Dear Boy Ticket link

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