DEVORA seeks revenge with “Body Bag” 

DEVORA is stepping out on the music scene with a fierce new flavor, blending artful southern goth and edgy pop melodies to craft the ultimate musical plot twist. DEVORA’s latest single “Body Bag” is the artist’s latest offering, and it’s all about vengeance.

“Body Bag” describes DEVORA’s personal experiences with others doubting her capabilities and talents as an artist. With a drive to succeed, DEVORA occupies a “watch me” attitude and strives to prove all her haters wrong. “Have you ever been so frustrated with someone that you just wanted to tie them up in a burlap sack, dump them in a 6- foot dirt grave in the middle of the Mojave desert and then drive off at full speed into the sunset without looking back?” This song delivers just that, and is an unapologetic anthem celebrating outlaws far and wide. Spirited vocals, gritty melodies, and contemporary western soundscapes take the listener on a thrilling yet bumpy emotional roller coaster.  

The accompanying visuals for “Body Bag” are cinematically brilliant and take the viewer even deeper through the eyes of the artist through the use of vivid imagery, effortless design, and exceptional choreography laced with the true spirit of the Wild West. 

DEVORA was raised in the desert of Arizona and often reflects on her early childhood experiences to create immersive stories which are then translated into her songwriting. As a self-proclaimed “outlaw pop” artist, her music is an infusion of dark pop and country inspired sounds that take the listener through the vast and often rough terrain of the Wild West. 

“Body Bag” is an ode to outlaws everywhere. “Sometimes you gotta get a little wild and reckless to get things done,” proclaims DEVORA. Listen and watch Body Bag here and don’t let anyone stand in your way.

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