Dexorcist nods to oldskool rave in ‘Rage Signal’ EP

One of the UK’s most prominent electro figures, Dexorcist, has joined Ecstasy Garage Disco to release a new four-track EP. Rage Signal marks Ecstasy Garage Disco’s first vinyl release, and sees Si Brown blend elements of bleep, dub and hardcore — taking us on a journey through his musical roots.

Title track “Rage Signal” sets the tone with thundering breaks, vintage sci-fi samples and inhuman vocals. A true nod to oldskool rave, Brown’s production ability here is absolutely second to none. Things improve ten fold when a midway breakdown explodes into two more minutes of mayhem. If “Rage Signal” didn’t already have your head in a far away place, things begin to get really dystopian in “Centurion”. Husky vocals testify to the roughness of the 21st century, and boy did we feel that one. Throw in some hugely weighty bass (in true Dexorcist fashion), booming 808s and just a few mechanical bleeps and we’re onto a winner. Eerie, otherworldly and a downright dancefloor destroyer, “Centurion” is about as 2020 as music can be.

“Don’t Come Cryin’” serves another slice of 140bpm, break-fuelled madness, and shows no sign of things slowing down. Choppy Britcore vocals and frantic melodies give the track that classic sound that we all love so much; it might be fresh track, but it could pass for being made 20 years ago.  Brown ties things up with closing track “Jah’s Coming,” and whilst the pace and intensity is knocked down a peg or two, every drop of energy remains just as vibrant. It’s bassy, dubby, and scratchy — pretty much bang on. A fitting end to a seriously good EP, Rage Signal just goes to show that Brown hasn’t lost his touch; with his unmistakable sound, these tracks couldn’t come from anyone else.

Rage Signal can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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